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Karen® Moisturizing Lotion provides intense hydration while repairing and nourishing your skin. Formulated for the toughest skin conditions. Amazing reviews!


Karen Phytoplankton Dermo Cosmetic Lotion

Tips for use before starting . . .

Please note, our Karen lotion is hypoallergenic; however, this does not mean there is no risk of irritation when applied directly to areas on the skin which are open, cracked, or raw or when applied to the most sensitive of skin.  We recommend starting with a tester spot as a trial for a few days when looking to apply our lotion to the face or other areas where you may have experienced sensitivities or may be unsure of how your skin will react.  Our lotion should not be used on open or cracked skin. In these cases, it is best to apply our lotion much like an outline around the affected area/areas to allow the extract to work its way in.  Once the area has calmed/healed, you can apply directly.

You may experience a slight heating of skin when first applying which will subside shortly.  As with all skincare products, if you experience a reaction causing prolonged redness or irritation please discontinue use.

Use of our Dermo Cosmetic lotion is not recommended for children under the age of 2.  If using our lotion for a child over 2 years of age, we recommend a tester spot for a few days prior to a larger application.

If you have any questions prior to use, give our Customer Service a call at 1 844 807 0245 or email us at

The Karen Project Team