Karen® Phytoplankton Pure Powder vs Ageless vs Karen® 125 mg Daily Capsules

Karen® Phytoplankton 100% pure powder is the original Karen® product and offers a full-nutritional profile, with its 75+ naturally occurring nutrients and trace minerals, which work together to renourish our bodies.  Karen powder is considered a whole food and is 100% pure, 100% natural, vegan, gluten-free, eco-friendly, and non-GMO.  It should be mixed with water, juice, applesauce, yogurt, or added to a smoothie, before consuming.  There is a distinct scent and taste to the powder, even when mixed, that does not appeal to everyone.  Our customers appreciate the powder as it is easily digested and readily absorbed by the system, and it offers benefits beyond the nutritional support.   A few examples of the most often-reported benefits received from our customers include better quality sleep, increased energy, improved digestion, more mental clarity, and lessened pain caused by inflammation. 

Dr. Axe article on the benefits of phytoplankton.  Learn more here – https://draxe.com/nutrition/phytoplankton/ 

Karen® Ageless Capsules contain an enzyme found in plankton that is an intense antioxidant known as TetraSOD Anti-Ox®.  Karen® Ageless does not have the full-nutritional profile of our powder.  It is intended to assist with the aging process by helping to counteract the damage done to cells caused by harmful environmental factors.  Specifically, Karen® Ageless is a powerful antioxidant to help reduce oxidative stress, boost your immune system, promote healthy cell growth, and more.  Customers, who use Karen® Ageless capsules, either on their own or along with the Karen® powder, have reported lessened body-pain issues and enhanced feeling of well-being, when taken as directed.  A single Karen® Ageless capsule daily will provide the antioxidant properties that are so beneficial to aging without the drawbacks associated with this natural process.  Karen® Ageless, used in combination with Karen® powder, is particularly effective in shutting down intruders to the immune system, thereby boosting immunity through regular use.  

What is TetraSOD®? Learn more here – https://www.tetrasod.com/

Karen® 125 mg Daily capsules contain 125 mg of our pure Karen® Phytoplankton powder (a single-ingredient whole food) and 375 mg of Bio-pH® (formerly AlkaPlex®) A blend of potassium, calcium, and magnesium.  These capsules are primarily for promoting nutritional health and overall well-being when taking one or two, daily.  Customers have reported that they experience a deeper and more restful nights sleep; healthier skin, hair, and nails; reduced gut-health issues; and a consistent feeling of wellness.  

What is Bio-pH®/formerly AlkaPlex®? Learn more here – https://www.rootcauseresponse.com/pages/scientific-evidence-for-alkaplex

A common question we often hear from our customers is:
Can Ageless and our Capsules or Powder be taken together at the same time?


Ageless will work like a booster to our powder & capsules for additional oxidative stress reduction (inflammation reduction throughout the body), promotion of healthy cell growth and immune system support.

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