It’s taken 14 Years to be an overnight success.

You might be learning about
Karen Marine Phytoplankton now,
but this message took over 14 years of planning
and a massive team effort to get to you.

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We felt it was fitting for Karen’s home to be in a small town. To us Sackville, New Brunswick is quintessential Small Town Atlantic Canada.


Located almost directly in the middle of The Maritimes and nestled between the Bay of Fundy and Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island provincial borders; this small town provides safe community living, affordable housing costs, and a fertile ground for business start up.

If you are ever travelling in The Maritimes you can always consider yourself invited to our office on 23C York Street. We want to get to know as many of our customers as possible and we will make sure to direct you to one of the many great restaurants or local artisan gift shops in our downtown.